DNS/DHCP on Server 2k3 with multiple Routers on the network


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I am working on setting up DNS and DHCP services on my Server.

I have a Motorola WR850G as my main Wifi Access point, as well as a second router at the other end of the house acting as a connector between the modem and extending wifi into that side of the house.

After taking out my entire network [eek] i wanna check up on what i need to do.

obviously DHCP and DNS services on the Server [Windows Server 2k3]

I would need to turn off DHCP on both routers, and then set their Local IPs to the IPs i have reserved for them on the DHCP server, correct?

maybe its becuase its 2:21am and ive had a long day, but i have a feeling im missing something here.

any ideas?