DIY Hologram


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Hi! I have been working on making my own hologram, and I was wondering which projector I should be using. We have normal crappy school projectors, but I was wondering if a laser projector would be better? The hologram will be lifesized, as the projection will contain Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Kaito, and Meiko. I have two options for this:
1) make a Vocaloid style hologram- basically this version is simply a projection onto something transparent, usually some sort of textured glass
2) make an actual hologram- this would be way more difficult, as I would guess I would need a laser projector and it would be very expensive. I'm going off of this picture for this idea (the second one should show how vocaloids work):
Either way, I would love to know which projector would work best for either and if anyone can find a semi cheap laser projector that is capable of this feat this, let me know! I have been searching for a while and I can't seem to find much.