Disruptive threads


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Views please on the reason for the large increase in disruptive threads, violent arguments just lately usually resulting in flaming, & sometimes, in the very bad instances, resulting in bans where a member continues to flame after being warned by a mod, believe it or not, we do not enjoy banning members, but we have to carry out our designated duties, we do get flack from members saying "where are the mods when we need them".


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I think there is just a communications breakdown bewteen scarcasm and real.

Most of the stuff is meant for a Joke but since there is no way to tell the difference online people take stuff meant for a Joke seriously.

That's why a while back i started a thread about using a different font for scarcasm and jokes so people would know the difference but i didn't get to much feedback on it so i'm thinking that either it's a bad idea or people just didn't read the thread.

I think a differnet font or even color would go a long way in fixing some of these mix-up's online about jokes and stuff.

That's just my opinion on the subject. :p


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The moderators are here to moderate the community and keep it clean. Regardless of anyone's opinion, if you know your job is being done to the best of your ability, then you are indeed doing a great job.

As for the disruptive posts / members.. every community has them, and they can't really truly be prevented. All I can say is, regardless of those who abuse this community, there are some who do enjoy it and use it for the use of learning, socializing, ect. That in itself makes everything worth it.

I'd love to one day see every post to be respectful and peaceful.. but the truth is that until there is peace everywhere in the World (probally not going to happen soon), there won't be much here either. Too many people have different views / morals, and some are very extreme with them.

All the same, good observation.