Display Properties


Beta member
I have a 17 inch monitor that didnt come with any CD of any kind. I have installed it and have got the relevant SIS 620 driver software.

After starting my computer all works fine and I get display properties that enable screen area of 640x480 true colour right up to 1024x768 true colour.

Because I use various graphics software I would need to use a higher setting of 1280x1024 resolution.

My predicament is that somewhere down the track I had this feature available and for some unknown reason is no longer available!

By pure accident I turned my computer on one time but forgot to turn the monitor ON whilst doing something else. After returning to the computer and turning the monitor on I checked the display properties and the resolution of 1280x1024 was there?????

If I turn the computer off and leave the monitor in standby mode and then restart it and log in as usual but with the monitor active the higher resolution is not available!! What the???

Is there anyone who could give me an idea why this is so? Im lost in figuring it out and Im sure there are many out there that can help me.

I look forward to any feedback on this "jinxed" resolution problem.