Display Driver Crash


In Runtime

I recently bought a Dell Studio 1749. It came with an ATI HD 4650 1 GB GPU and a core i7 Processor. The BIOS recognizes it as a 1747 though, so, I guess that's what I got. Damn Dell and their faulty marketing. I hit the same benchmarks as a 1749 though, anyway...

I have a serious issue that only occurs with some video, not games. I am able to play Oblivion on Ultra High max settings with good framerates and mods installed to bump up the graphics, no problem. On Amazon Unbox online HD video I've never had a problem. However, whenever viewing HD Video on YouTube on full screen, or Hulu videos, or videos on some other sites, it will stay stable for a few minutes.

The screen then goes black, and sometimes I can hear the videos' audio still playing, sometimes not.

Today, I hit escape as I waited for the black screen to come up. I recently updated my video drivers, but, I figured that wouldn't fix it at all.

I glimpsed an error on the taskbar (using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) that said "AMD Graphics driver has experienced a display error but has successfully recovered" or something along those lines. Does anyone know what this means? I Googled it, and it turns out that I should probably update the rest of my drivers, but, they all seem relatively up to date, the BIOS is, I'm downloading everything Dell's got. I would like to watch video.

I have no idea why it flakes out only when watching videos. Full screen mode tends to exacerbate the issue, but, it still happened to me in Windows Media Player AND Windows Movie Maker when I was making heavy video edits.

I always have the laptop plugged in and on High Performance mode.

I never really get responses to my topics on this forum when I post here, but, I really could use the help. I hate Dell's customer support, save me from my doom.

P.S. After this black screen/display driver fail, I usually have to force-restart my PC, or, in this case, as of right now, my PC is working, but, it is much slower than normal, like it got punched in the stomach and is still out of breath. That's the best way I can put it.

As always, I get no help. Forget I even asked.