Disk Cleanup Hangs after SP1 upgrade

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Installed The WinXP SP1 update and it seemed to go okay. When I try to run Disk Cleanup (CLEANMGR.EXE) it hangs at-

Scanning: Compress old files

When I cancel the operation it closes it's window, BUT, in Windows Task Manger (CTRL/ALT/DELETE) it is still listed as a process and is sucking 99% CPU time which, of course, slows everything down. I have to manually end the process in Task Manager to shut it down.

Any help out there?

I'm not quite sure. That happened to me on windows 2k pro. But windows Xp Pro seems better for my system i guess.
Delete "Compress Old Files" from reg

Open regedit. Navigate to:


Delete the entry "Compress Old Files".

Now cleanmgr.exe will work! You can still compress files manually, but cleanmgr.exe will not have the capacity to automatically compress old files after you make this change.
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