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This may be a dumb question, if it is. sorry

Would cleaning the HD with Auslogics Disk Clean improve HD perfomance?
It depends on how much data you already have on there, how much is left, what speed it is, what format it is in, etc. But after any cleaner, it should run faster.
A cleaner wont help MoM. If he did a defrag then it should run faster. But a cleaner only removes things like temp files and other junk to free up space. Not improve performance.
oddly, our thread does not have any defragging tools

Mak, you should fix that :)

defraggler, ultimate defrag, and O&O defrag comes to mind

PS, deep blue is hard to read on the default forum theme. (maybe just my monitor?)

My Bad, I meant to ask about "disk wipe" and not "disk clean".

With respect to Defrag, I have noticed that Auslogics Defrag seems much better than the Windows version. In addition after running the Auslogics version and then running the Win version, the Win version seems to actually Fragment the disk??
No the Win version doesnt Fragment the disk. You can run the Auslogics version right after you just finished and it will also say that there is fragmentation. No defrag software is every going to say your hard drive is never in need of it. If it did, what would be the pupose of having the software? ;)

Depending on the version of Windows used the built in Defrag is just fine. I have yet to even have the need to install a defrag on my Win7. It does it automatically.

So are you looking to format the drive completely or what do you mean by disk wipe? Since there is so many things that fall under such terms.
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