Disgusting Computer Award

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Wow that's pretty nasty. I couldn't stand having a computer that looks like that (I go into it too often for something like that to happen anyway :p).
I've actually seen worse. imagine all fan covers completely covered, heatsinks so clogged that the only way to clean them is a butterknife, drives that you have to unstick to take out, and the powersupplies I've seen... atrocious! I lived in a rural community, lots of dust anyways, take that to a pc running win98 with a full time smoker... and I was the first one to clean it prolly ever! the things you see as a tech are purely amazing... I've seen house fans blowing on an open case, powersupplies taken apart with small desk fans blowing on them, jerryrigged pcs that had parts propped up in them, and ooo epic win... cats+smoker+dusty road+years of not knowing to clean=up to 2 inches of gunk
That's disgusting! I clean mine if I see a thin layer of dust on the bottom or window.. I'm a neat freak with mine :tongue:
I guess that's why they made filters for cigarettes...blegh. pretty epic :omg:
I'll take a vid the next time I clean out a particularly bad pc at work.
I'll see your dust and raise you a snake

along with couple more dust...


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