Disconnecting HDMI hdtv causes sluggish performance? o.O

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Hey, another laptop question lol. Just noticed this yesterday but after I disconnect the laptop from my hdtv (via hdmi) the laptop performance crashes until I reboot into linux, then reboot back into windows. I cant figure it out. There are no processes running sucking any resources, but it performs like its trying to run vista on 128megs of ram heh. Super sluggish.

hp dv7-3157ca 16:9 LED display version
intel i7 q720
4GB ddr3
nvidia gt230m
500gb hd
windows 7 home premium x64

Drivers all the latest that HP offers on the website for this model. It won't recognize nvidia drivers that aren't tailored and put on the HP website so i couldn't upgrade to the latest nvidia whql drivers.

Like mentioned above if i reboot into the linux partition then back into windows it works like normal. Shutting it off and going straight into windows doesn't fix it. Really weird lol.

Anyhow I'll keep combing through google for anyone who might have had the same problem. Thanks for any info or hints you can provide ^^;
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