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I inherited this computer that uses onboard graphics, but I have stuck a Radeon 9200SE PCI card in it. I am using Windows 2000 on it. However, there is no BIOS option to disable the onboard Intel Integrated graphics, and I can uninstall the onboard and use the Radeon, but on the next boot, it automatically re-installs the driver for the onboard graphics. Therefore, on next boot, i am required to use onboard because it installs it as my primary graphics adapter. Is there any way to get around this, or am I going to have to use the onboard?
This reminds me of my sister's old Compaq. I tried getting rid of the drivers too, for the Intel Integrated Graphics, and kept re-installing. All I did was rip the port out[I know, I know]. All you gotta do is take he mobo ou tof the case, and at the rear of it [the mobo], use one of those un sautering things. Make it hot, then slightly pull it.


You must be able to deactivate onboard graphics...what's your motherboard? Might be some pins on your mobo or summin...
I would just use the onboard, as it isn't like the 9200se is a huge jump in performance, and it sounds like it is a really old PC anyway...
Try this: First, download the CATALYST drivers from ati.com. Then reboot into safe mode and uninstall the display adapter from the device manager. Shut down and install the card, or reboot if you have it installed already. Windows should recognize the new card, but press cancel when it opts you to find the drivers. Install the CATALYST drivers manually and reboot. If Windows still recognizes the integrated just select cancel. I had this problem at first too, with the same card. Let me know if this works.
Well, I got it to recognize the 9200SE as my primary graphics adapter...with the onboard as the seconadary one. I will go ahead and leave it this way. It doesn't look like there's going to be a way around having the onboard drivers installed, because it doesn't even ask me to install them, it just does.
I'm with Alvin on this one.. I bet there is a jumper setting that can impair onboard graphics...

Guess I've never had this issue though because I avoid onboard graphic boards like the plague!

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