Disable my Soundcard?

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I've got 2 of'em. Because of that, a lot games crash on me.
Someone said there's a way to disable this in the BIOS.

What do I look for?
Any help is appreciated.
Yep, usaually there is an option to disable onboard sound. Get into your BIOS and I am sure you will see it.
is your computer made by like a major computer manufacturer. If it is then it most likely won't have a option in the bios cuz the manufacturer wants you to have to go out and buy a new computer in order for you to upgrade you system.
I dont know where you heard that. Any computermanufacturer that uses onboard equipment is required to have the option to disable it so that the consumer has the ability to upgrade.
I bet you there is..... At very least a jumper or something.

Well, if there are any PCI slots at least.

Computers without upgrade slots are not required to let you disable the onboard stuff.
Well it certainly SHOULD be that way, but this was a really weird setup.. totally jumperless, two PCI slots, and NO way to disable the onboard video. I literally searched that thing for an hour looking for a jumper or something, but no such luck. According to a post I found on a forum, it was supposed to disable the onboard automatically when you put a PCI video card in the top slot, but I tried that with 3 different cards and it didn't work.
on board sound

What about divice mgr. And just disabling the sound from there.Ive done it a hundred times.
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