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Can anyone point me in the direction of a version of DirectX Buster that will work on DirectX 9.0? I have a couple of games that stopped working correctly after i installed DirectX 9.0.
Yeah thats all ive been able to find is the 8.1 or lower remover. Thanks anyways.

I should have known better than to mess with my DX8.1 that was working just fine :( .
Can you not just run 8.1 and overwrite the Direct X ,, I thought it worked on the same premise as the Service Packs??

This does suck,, I went to 9 too,, and hate it!!,,,just doesnt,"look" rights during play??

Niner on the reinstall,,, another day maybe,,

MB,, Just noticed your Hardware in RED,, did you get new stuff??

I have the ABit NF7-S board,, I want to step up the clock,, but I was reading somewhere about that board getting zapped if you dont hold down the INSERT key at POST,, Plus I have an AMD SUperChip,, JIUHB,,,

is that right,,??

sorry on the aside,, I will post properly,,

Yeah, I had a feeling I would have to reinstall Windows to get rid of DirectX 9.0. Seems like Microsoft should supply some kind of uninstall program with DX..Oh well.
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