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hello everyone, :) i currently am running directx8.1 and i see there is 9.0 out and am wondering if i should upgrade or is 9.0 having problems? when i play sof2 multiplayer, when i first enter the server and start to run and shoot , the game is choppy . but after about a minute it smooths out, and im wondering if directx 9.0 will help me. i currantly am running.

pen3 850mhz
geforce 2 32 meg
sound blasters live
512 sdram
13.6 GB ultra ata hard drive
win 98se
and DSL
do not upgrade to directX 9 because the card you are using is optomized for use with directX 8. If you switch to a newer Radeon card, then I would recommend downloading the new version.
thank you very much , this is exactly what i needed to know, and why doesnt it tell u this in the 9.0 instructions? it says nothing about this , i dont think.
because all directX versions are fully compatible with their predecessors, however your gpu drivers are optimized for directX 8. You'll be able to run directX 9 without any problems but you may take a performance hit.
Yes, DX9 does you no good really unless you are using a card that will take advantage of its new features.

Even if you did, I dont think you will notice that much difference.
There is more to DirectX then just video, there is also audio. If your card has a driver version giving you DirectX 9.0/9.0a compatibility, there is no reason not to upgrade.
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