Direct urls of Instagram photos in full size?


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There is this simple trick with adding media?/size=l line to the end of url. The problem is, some Instagram posts contain multiple photos. So url with added line always points to the full size version of the first photo only.

Ive tried to discover direct links to the remaining photos via debugger console, but IM no specialist so I dont know if its the correct approach and if they are hidden there

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Instagram uses a technique called "lazy loading" to load images on its platform, which means that the full-size images for all photos in a post are not loaded until a user clicks on them. This can make it difficult to obtain direct links to the full-size images for all photos in a post.
One way to access the remaining full-size images of a post with multiple photos is to use the browser's developer tools to inspect the page's HTML and JavaScript. In the developer tools, you can look at the network tab to see all the network requests being made by the page, including requests for images. You might be able to find direct links to the remaining images in the URLs of these requests. However, it's important to note that these links may be temporary and may not work once you leave the page.
Another approach is to use third-party tools or services, such as browser extensions or websites, that claim to be able to download full-size images from Instagram. However, it's important to be cautious when using these tools as they may not be authorized by Instagram and may not be safe to use.
It is also worth noting that Instagram's terms of service prohibit scraping and unauthorized use of their data and services, so whatever approach you take, make sure you are not breaking any terms or laws.
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