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I have a Panasonic NV GS-5 digital video camera that I would like to be able to use as a web cam. So far my efforts have been in vain. I havent been able to find much infomation directly relating to using it as a web cam.
It connects to my PC by Firewire. Does this matter? Does anyone know how to do this??
Thanks Richie
Hey there Richie, Welcome to TF.
when buying a Web Cam you get a CD-Rom and someother things (Cables, lenses, etc..).
You should browse the cd, maybe there are more programs which can help you integrate into the camera.
Maybe it is silly to forget, but I forgot to open the camera after installing and connecting to the comptuer (I've a new Nikon Coolpix now), and couldn't understand why it don't work :) try some variations, it should work eventually.
We are here to help you in need. if neither of the thing works, get intouch again.
Cheers m8 ;)
You need to check your camera manual. The camera has to support being set up as a webcam. Regardless of software, if the camera doesnt know how to stream images, it wont work.
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