difficult descision?


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ok, i have to do a upgrade on my sons friens computer.
he has a p4 1.5ghz cpu. the motherboard that it is set into has RIMM ram.
it has also got no working usb ports (both are broken).
i am going to remove the mother board and replace it.
i could get a sempron 2400 socket A cpu and mother board bundle.
or get a second hand athlon 2000 cpu with new mother board.
or just upgrade the motherboard with the old 1.5ghz intel p4 chip.

my question is this: is the sempron going to give a much improved performance over the p4 1.5 ghz cpu?

and also, is the option of buying a second hand athlon 2000 cpu worth the risk, for the extra performance it will give.

he will be using the rig for downloading various things and surfing the web.
he may do a little gaming, but nothing to serious.


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i had a +2400 sempron and it ran pretty good, it openned programs as fast as my new +3000 athlon 64, the only difference you can notice is how fast you install things or load things. the difference isnt too much though so if i were you, i would go with the sempron