Dial-Up sucks

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Arrrghhh... After using broadband for over a year, I realize how painful surfing now is.

Well that still ain't gonna stop me from posting I tell you what. ;)
Yea ,had dialup in the past and I'm still wondering why they even charge for it , but now i got cable :)
What's the point of dailup anyways? It's just, if not more, expensive than Broadband. 30 a month for Broadband, but for dialup its 20 or so a month (depends on how much you use it) for phone line use, and another 20 for ISP charges. Why doesn't everyone switch?!?!
I'm on NetZero for now, but most dialup providers here allow unlimited access for less than $10/mo., and cable here has been raised to $50-60/mo.
I purchaced my own cable modem and at&t dropped the price from 45$month to 35$ :cool: not really that bad.
I was thinking about buying my own cable modem, but ATT's raising the rates in the Seattle area $7 per month if you own your own modem. and it's $10 a month to lease. So i could drop $10 a month, but in a couple months it would go up $7, so it's only like saving $3...so i guess i'm not too worried :)
Im also on Dialup and it sucks. After reading this thread I finally got around to signing up to broadband. Just waiting for my installation kit now :)
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