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Is there anyway to know when someone has picked up the phone while you are online, or some program that can stop it from interfering with the connection? I think someone is trying to disconnect me on purpose to be annoying.
If you turn on your speakers, you should hear the receiver being lifted.. Or the modems speaker! Check your modem setting if you are continually loosing bandwidth

Once most modems are connected, you won't hear anything on your modem/pc speakers.

I just tried goofing around with the phone line i'm on at work, lifting up the phone and hanging up serveral times, it seemed to not disturb the modem at all. If you have call waiting this might mess the modem up when someone calls you. You can go to your dial up modem settings and type in *70 before the phone number, this will cancel all call waiting and should help with some of the disconnects.
This actually depends of the type and brand of the modem, I had a US robotics Courier V.Everything, which is the best dial up modem they make, and nothing could stop me from getting 53.3

With the older Software modems, picking up the phone may not disconnect you, but it usually makes you stop sending and recieving, and generally doesnt get fixed till you disco and reconnect.

Not much you can do about it though, cept get a good USR hardware modem.
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