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Hello!!! the problem i have is that i have a computer connected using dial up but im not able to get online because it is telling me that there is no dial tone. I use AOL 9.0 optimized. I have tried to get online using both of my phone lines but no luck in getting through on the internet. When i use the aol software it is able to detect the modem but when the software tries to get access numbers for me to choose from i have no luck. Im assuming this has something to do with the phone line or with the modem it self. The computer is detecting the modem just fine and the phone line has a dial tone because other wise i would not be able to go online. I would like the feed back of some tech people here on this forum to trie and resolve this problem. I also tried to do a manual connection instead of using the aol software through the control panel on my windows XP


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The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is voicemail interference (when I used to have dial-up, if I had a voicemail waiting the dialtone would stutter to let me know; I had to listen to my messages and then it worked) or some sort of dial-out code that needs to be put in the string for the phone number.

And here's my small rant: don't use AOL. Their programs like to eat up your computer ports. When I finally got rid of it I had to completely baseline my system to regain control of my ports.


I have had a problem like this before as well (except not with AOL *shudders*).

Make sure you have a regular and steady dial tone and not a 'flashing' dial tone like when you have voicemail.

Also, make sure that you are installing the driver for the modem properly, and that it is the latest driver.
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