DIablo 2 1.13 Patch & Ladder Reset

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Now that a new Diablo 2 patch is coming out today and the ladder is resetting, is anyone here planning on playing again? Would anyone be interested in grouping up and playing on US East for a fresh start?

The new patch is likely going to make duping not as big of an issue as it has been in the past, so hopefully the game remains fun for that much longer.
You think this patch will stop all the people who use bots to do baal runs all the time, thats a main reason why i haven't played in like almost 2 years haha
I never said that, but you can choose whether or not to do baal runs. There are other, more fun ways, of leveling. The main reason I always quit is because of getting screwed over by duped items, or having to try to get better in a broken economy since the ladder doesn't get reset for years at a time.
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