Device Manager Misreporting

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I have a problem setting up my soundcard under the Sound ,Video and Game Controllers area in the Device Manager The problem is that when I change the settings of the card ,they show that I have chosen a particular setting that was going to be "no conflicts" but when I reopen it it shows a different setting that does conflict (actually it is conflicting with Direct Memory Access Controller)
So on the surface there is no conflict but in reality there is and the message I get is that Windows has disabled the device.
I have actually reinstalled Windows (ME) and the problem predates this very recent reinstall for wich I had high hopes.
I have tried revoving the souncard (not physically-is that next?)and shutting down to let Windows detect the hardware but that is no help.Can I actually remove the whole Device Manager maybe?
Any ideas?


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Let me make a suggestion and I say this with full emphasis! GET RID OF WINDOWS ME..............IT IS A HORRIBLE QUIRKY OS. GO OUT AND BUY A COPY OF XP AND YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

ME = NO!!! XP = YES!!!!!
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