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I am in the process of researching and developing my own operating system and I am looking for people who would be interested in doing this as well. If you are wondering how serious I am about this you are free to go and look at my website at This will explain what my company is about and what I would like to do with it. So again if you are interested please let me know by either replying here on the forum or on my website.

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Michael Santucci
I dont see much about anything on there. Has anything even been started yet?

Are you planning on just building an OS from the ground up? What are you basing it from?
No actual code is present on my website that is because no code has been written yet. I have researched Linux and its kernel source and some ideas may be used from there. However since I do not want to keep the operating system open source, code will never be displayed on the website and of course I will only use the Linux kernel as a guide and not actually take any code from it and respect the open source law. The only people that will be seeing the code will be the people who decide to be a part of "More Than Just Software" and they will have agreed to keep the code under their belt. The reason why I want to keep it closed source is so that just incase we do come up with something Microsoft or Apple doesn't have it will allows us to have a chance to compete against them.

Now the reason why I have not started programming the kernel yet is because I want to hear from the user, whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or advance user and see what they want out of an operating system. From there a kernel to fit the average needs for all types of users can be built. I am purely in the research stage for the operating system and I am currently in the process of advertising the website to the general public.

The way I see it for a new operating to even be in the same room as Windows or Mac will need a lot research done first before even a line of code can be written.

However, it doesn't hurt to get head a start in gathering programmers to throw ideas around and program samples once the suggestions from the users start rolling in.

I hope this has answered your question. I appreciate you showing interest, I know a lot of people see it as a lost cause or a lot of work, but that is the fun and the challenge.
Well, I know one thing you need in order for it to be anything.... compatability.

If you can not get every Windows application and game running perfectly on your OS, there will never be much mass marketing ability there.

Linux is a wonderful OS, but there is a reason why it is still just a tiny share of the OS , market.

If you are looking to build a Server OS based on linux.... then you may do well.
Yes, compatibility will be an issue and hopefully with the government forcing Microsoft to release some of their code will give us a push towards making an operating system compatible with Microsoft applications.

Developing a server O.S. is a great idea and it can always be an option.
One thing about creating a new o.s. using people on the internet (unless you have a lot of friends / staff working with you), is that it will be very hard to keep it "closed source" in a very un-controlled environment.

There's gonna be a damn lot of R&D. Good luck! :)
Yes I don't expect to get the new O.S. out the door this year or the year after. It will all depend on how people respond to the website and how serious the people who want to volunteer and help program the O.S. once the information has been gathered.
Honestly, (and this is not critisism) you might wanna think about hiring someone to re-design your site. And I would suggest putting a forum on it. It is pretty obvious your page was made pretty quickly in frontpage and people tend to respond more when the site looks professional and they have an interactive place to throw ideas around.
I appreciate your honesty. I know the site is not extravagant and not much to look at and I will hopefully one day have a professional web designer be in charge of it. See right now I am looking for volunteers, the money we use is from our own pockets, until we get funding which I am currently working on through a close friend. For now though to get the information out there it will do. I will however look into putting a forum on the site. Thanks for input.
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