Desperate teenager stuck in predicament question!


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You see, my dad got some sucky low-end presario computer and it sucks for playing games. Horrible built in video thingy and it only has PCI slots.

Our old computer broke. We thought it was the power supply. So we got a new power supply. It still didn't work and I found out that my graphics card was overpowering the power supply. So I got a new graphics card that didnt require as much power and now it works fine.

But now I can't play any new games. I was wondering, do I get a new higher wattage power supply and a new AGP 8x graphics card so I can play games? Would that be the best option? Only problem is these power supplies I've seen so far are big and don't seem to fit in the designated slot for it. I haven't really look very much though. Would it work if I just taped a big one up there? Or perhaps buy a new computer case?

Another problem is that the processor is only a 1.7 pentium 4. Is that good enough if I only played games on the computer and nothing else? It has 40 gig hard drive and "currently" 256 ram but can add more (512).


you may look into saving for a new computer if your looking for gaming.

eg= 512mb ram, p4 2.8, motherobard with agp, 8mb buffer hard drive, 6600GT graphics.. etc etc


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You won't live long with a 256 RAM. Either get a brand new computer, or upgrade your CPU and RAM


Avoid the Intel series in the future and go with the AMD 64+ 3000. It is very affordable and you could pretty much get the same parts as in my signature.