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I had a problem when I was playing around with some themes. I don't know what I did wrong, but now I have the outline around the text on my desktop,under the icons, like what I had when I had windows 98 and wondered how to get rid of it. I checked everything I can find, but can't figure out how to make it go away. There must be something that will fix it, but I'm a beginner and don't know if I'm missing something. Other users on my 'puter don't have this on their desktops and I can't find what's different about mine. Please help me someone... am I missing something simple??
well, it may also be from your folder options, you may have chosen the online 1-click method, which outlines all of the icons and text like as if it were a link to a certain site. If I am correct, you can go to:
Start > Settings > Folder Options

Choose Custom Options which would usually be the last option on the bottom. Click on settings and then go down to the bottom where it says "click items as follows" and hit the bubble where the "double-click" option is.

Hopefully this is what you are describing. If not I will look like a "jackass"

Then finish up by clicking on Apply or OK. Whichever of the two are there.
click start ,, when the start menu box opens,, somewhere blank on that window,, I always use the bottom area,, do a right click,,

the only window that should open now should say Properties,,

move cursor to it, normal left click,, now you are in desktop customizing,,

in the new window you have two choices,,

Start Menu

CLASSIC start menu

choose START MENU,,

hit ok,

look again,, any better??

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