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Void on a ZFS Root. It has a 13 year old budget laptop CPU and a very slow HDD.
But it is snappy and it uses less RAM than Xubuntu and Mageia + XFCE.
It is unbelievable that this kind of super recent kernel works so flawlessly on 13 year old hardware.
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NixOS is an awesome piece of software.
At 86,180 packages, of which 80.7% are the newest version, NixOS has both one of the largest sets of packages and the most up-to-date (second to none).
It also has high performance. NixOS is almost as fast as FreeBSD and Clear Linux in the most realistic benchmarks. It is faster than 90% of Linux distributions.

A fine feature of this setup is that an Intel 12600KF + Clear Linux achieves about exactly the same single-core performance in apps as an i9-13900K + windows11.
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