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i seen the desktop pics in desktop screenshots. and i really liked the way some are set up, my question is , can i put most of my desktop icons in a folder and just go there to run them? or do some programs requir the desktop location to run or operate properly? :)
thanx anubis, hey in desktop screenshots. u had a great looking pic in there. where did u get it? :) and if i want to put my desktop pic in there how do i do it? do i have to have a scanner?
If you're wondering how to take a desktop screenshot, all you have to do is press "Print Screen" on your keyboard, then open up MS Paint (Start>Run>mspaint) and click Edit/Paste (Ctrl-V). Then you can save the picture as whatever you want.
i messed up. can u delete the screen shot i posted? i didnt get my desktop in :(
i figured it out but it wont let me add another pic cause i dont have enough space left .
anubis are u gonna delete it? or do i do it? if so how do i do it so i can put my desktop pic on there
ok i did that but it says i dont have permission for this action. so a mod probably has to do it
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