Design is my kryptonite


In Runtime
Hey guys,
So, I've been doing web design for a while now, and game design for almost as long, and if i've learnt anything, its that I tend to pick up programming faster than others, and that everything I make looks like complete anus.

I have been telling myself that its something I will just always be bad at, but then a friend told me I was completely wrong and if I put the work in, I can improve.

So i've been furiously googling, but I can't find anything generic enough. I'm wanting to learn the basics of design; things I can apply to creating game art, website graphics, etc. The theory behind designing something to look good. But everything I find tends to assume people aren't artistically blind. ;)

Any tips, resources or pointers? I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what to be googling, I have no knowledge on this whatsoever (other than how to use the software).

Thanks a lot,