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Hi! I'd been looking for a laptop to use as an all around workstation for school and other possibilities such as light video editing, gaming, or basically anything i'd like to throw at it for fun in the upcoming years. and had come to the dell xps 15 as my laptop of choice.

The problem being that there are two models that both have appealing factors.

The first model I looked at had a 7th gen intel i5-7300HQ, and a gtx 1050.

Compared to an 8th gen intel i5-8300H, with intel's UHD 630.

The second being $100 cheaper, which is a huge plus in my book.

Now i'd like to know which of these systems seems better to purchase, considering whatever changes Dell has made to the new version of the laptop, and also taking into account the system specs, also any other recommendations are welcome, although I chose this laptop based on a large magnitude of positive customer reviews and a solid company to back up the product, (not to mention being durable/powerful)


links for reference:

Dell xps 15: XPS 15 9560 High Performance Laptop with InfinityEdge Display | Dell United States

New Dell xps 15: XPS 15 Inch 9570 High Performance 4K Laptop with InfinityEdge | Dell United States
The second one has a better processor, the first one has a better GPU which is why it's 100 more. Which one to buy depends entirely on your usecase.
first has a gpu wich you will need if you want to play games
both processors are good and capable of most tasks
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