Dell Memory Upgrade Problem (w/ pics)

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I recently added two Kingston 256mb rdram sticks to my Dell Dimension 8100.
For some reason I haven't been able to get my computer to recognize the two new sticks
as more than 128mb a piece.

Here is a picture of one of the new sticks:

Here is a picture of one of the original sticks for reference:

Here is a picture of my bios setup screen - notice the slots containing the new sticks
of ram are showing up as 4 channel as opposed to the original sticks which are appearing
as 8 channel - although, I'm not quite sure what that means.
bios screen.jpg

This shows my system properties screen which is also only registering 512mb
as well as an online system profiler I ran. The online profiler is actually showing the full
amount of memory, although it is showing that the Samsung sticks are 256mb a piece (as
you can see above - the Samsungs are the original 128's while the Kingstons are the 256's).

I have tried replacing my old sticks of ram with the continuity sticks and these new 256's
still only show up as 4 channel and 128mb a piece.

I have been reading on these forums for a while and feel that if anyone could help me with
this problem - they would probably reside here. :)

If anybody has any idea of what might be the issue here I would greatly appreciate it - thanks!


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what in the...

return those ram right now if you can

you bought ECC ram; those are used for servers if i'm not mistakened

your motherboard does not support ECC ram; you need non-ECC ram


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yup dont mix the two

actually dont even buy ecc
it wont work! with the exception of a couple "special" mobo's
and if you cant return them try selling on the forum sumone must want them


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I could have sworn I had read somewhere that it didn't matter if the memory was error checking or not - error checking was just more expensive.
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