Dell Inspiron 1000 Memory Bad???

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I am working on a Dell Inspiron 1000 for a friend of mine and it hangs up so I thought it had a virus. Went through a lot of crap only to run MemTest86 and got the message "Unexpected Interrupt - Halting CPU 0". Now I have researched this and apparently this means that there is bad ram. I took out the additional stick of 256 and redone memtest and got the same error message. This machine has 256 of ram built in to it and I suspect that that is what is bad. Is there a way to disable the built in ram? I looked in the BIOS and did not see the option to do that.

Any other suggestions on getting this thing up and running?

Thanks in advance.

That 256 isn't "built into it". Its under the keyboard, you have to know how to dissemble it. Each model is different be sure to get a guide for the correct one.

That error is due to the CPU. Either your board or the CPU is bad.

But yes, do test the RAM with the other out.

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Thanks for the quick reply master, do you think it could be a heat sink issue? I don't have a service manual to know how to take that ram out. I did take some air and blow through the vents to cool it off a bit then run memtest again and it went longer than it did the first times. That is why I think it may be a heat problem. I don't know, I am only a novice at best.

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