Dell D600 Sound Probs


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as some of you may know i recently came across a dell d600 and swapped it with my aunt for an xbox 360 and now she is complaining that the speakers are making a crackling sound.

so i take it off her and listen and it almost sounds like some1 has a mic plugg in with bare wires the other end and are rubbing then together i dunno how else to explain it .

i look under a panel by the headphone and mic jack and there is a wire that is inside a plastic case but is not connected ?

i mean it only does it sometimes and playing music and things its fine.

so n e ideas could a driver problem do this ?

it even does it wen the laptop is dead still so im thinking its not hardware


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My name is Richard; I am part of Dell's Online Community Outreach. It would be a good idea to verify that the systems bios is up to date. The most recent version is A16, you can get it here,

The audio drivers would also be a good thing to update, you can get that here,

Good luck,

Richard B
Dell Online Community Outreach