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I need to know which Program files to delete. My computer has 43.9 GB of space, but only 2.26 GB of free space and need to delete whatever I dont need. I would like to get rid of anything I dont need, but dont know what I can delete and what I cant. I just want more space available and want to delete any applications or programs I dont need. Any advice?
Have you run disk cleanup? Run that first, from compressed old files to temporary internet files i've seen a disk cleanup remove 4 GB of data at times.

Once you do that if you don't have enough room still - go and remove programs you don't need or use by going to the add / remove programs in the control pannel.
I ran the disk clean up, which didnt do much...I then uninstalled fraps and microsoft movie maker, which arent extermely necessary. This has given me 9.29 GB of free space, but I would like more than that. What are some programs I could delete without affecting other programs? I would like at least half of my free space available on the C drive.
You need to go into the Uninstall Programs and remove whatever it is your not using. After that run CCleaner. We cant tell you what to delete from that folder as we dont know what software you run. You could use Revo Uninstaller as well.
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