Dedicated Windows Server for $99/month Server + OS + SmarterMail + ControlPanel +10TB


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We are proud to offer Windows Dedicated Server with Smarter mail email solution & control panel. This Windows Dedicated Server Hosting plan includes:
Intel powered Dedicated Server
Dual core 1.66 4xHT Atom with 2GB RAM & 500GB SATA II hard disk.
Operating System licenses
Preloaded Windows 2003/2008 standard server edition.
Remote Desktop
Full Access to remote desktop for 2 simultaneous connections.
Leading Mail solution
Smarter mail professional mail server with 250 mail boxes.
Smarter Track and Smarter Stats
Software to start you own live chat support system and to check states of websites.
Website Panel(Prior Dot net) panel control panel
Enterprise edition of Most popular control panel for unlimited domain hosting.
Network & Bandwidth
This server comes with (10TB) 10,000 GB per month traffic with port speed of 100 mbps. We also offer 2 dedicated IP addresses with this server.
All for $99 per month (and $89 per month if paying for a year).

Visit and see more details about this offer. HostRightNow Technologies is a leading dedicated server hosting that offers VPS and Dedicated servers with special pro hosting, we also offer security services that scans your application and server for vulnerabilities.
If you are not sure, Why to choose us as dedicated server provider please read -

24x7x365 Customer Support
Yes, Support is the key of our success, We offer round the clock customer support by live chat, email and phone, Check us – by calling in odd hrs!

Our high-performance branded Servers and 100% Uptime Gigabit network deliver unparalleled performance to run your server /application environments..

Full Control
You have full Admin access to the server and optional features. You can configure your server according to your needs to support your unique requirements..

Our extensive security services enables you to run your server and applications in a hardened environment to support 24/7 business-critical environments.

Thanks for your precious time!

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