Debra Lafave?

Anywho following up on this woman? She isn't getting jack for punishment. She has sex with a 14 year old boy and makes it seem like it's "A-OK", what kind of crap is that? This woman is crazy...what has our court system become? Letting statutory rapers go


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I already lost faith in the judicial system. If it was a man who was convicted of statutory rape, do you think it would be dismissed this easily? I thought that justice was blind...

But fo realz man, the kid that ratter her out was a f*(&^ idiot. If it was me, I would never have done that.

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Yeah, our court system is falling apart. Dont get me wrong, the proof has to be their. But I hate it when everything points to someone, and all you need to do is insert a bit of common sense. But oh no, that cant happen. And im sure thats what is happing with this woman.