Dead Hard Disk!?!?

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Ack, I dont know about your 98 partition, but boot to your windows XP CD and choose install from the menu, it should bring up a screen that says 'the following partitions were found with existing windows installations, chose your windows XP partition and hit R for repair, that should fix it.

It seems your NTLDR file may have been corrupted.
Just go in your BIOS and tell your computer the boot order is CDROM first.

Then insert your XP CD and reboot. It should say'press any key to boot to the cd'
Yuck, formats suck.

Did it just not give you the option for repair? That usually means that windows got 'Burned Beyond Recognition'

Oh well, glad its working again.

When you gonna get some boxes on the folding team?
Are you perhaps talking about our man Bill? ;)
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