DDR vs. Rambus!?? help!!

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Hi, for my first post i would like to ask: Which memory should i bother with?

I am thinking of going with a P4 2.66 and 512MB rambus pc800.

If this is not a good idea please say so.

If i go with DDR i am going to get 1024 PC-333 on the P4 2.66.

Please give your thoughts on what i should build my PC on!!

Rambus is overpriced and underpowered.

DDR is the way of the future.
DDR will give me the same speed as Rambus? And is it ok for me to go with the P4 2.66, or will i now notice the difference? I am also wondering what mainboard to work off of, i was thinking the new intel...??
Rambus claims to have higher poerformace in numbers. But in benchmarks the performance diff isnt there. P4 2.66 is a great machine.
In terms of real-world performance: DDR > Rambus :D

The ASUS P4PE is a good motherboard (based on Intel i845PE chipset), with support for DDR333, but if you really have the money, the Intel E7205 (Granite Bay chipset) are the motherboards to get. The ASUS P4G8X and the Gigabyte GA-8INXP are some good Granite Bay based motherboards to name.

Pee4 2.66 is good enough as well :D
I think that i am going with the Gigabyte with 512 DDR333 to start, thank you for your guys help and time!!
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