DDR and my AGP Video Card

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I have an Intel Socket 478 Processor Motherboard/ VIA PT800+ VIA 8237.

Here is the link to the pdf file with the specs Motherboard Manual

I recently installed 1GB REG ECC DDR266 CL2.5 into it but the bios will not detect it and as a result, i discovered my video card stopped working. Even when I put my old ddr ram back in. I bought a pci video card, downloaded nvflash and flashed my agp video and it started working again. This have happened on more than one occasion. When I google the above ram nothing is telling me if there is a special bios setting, configuration, or whether or not this ram is propietary in anyway. Maybe I'm missing something but that is why I am here. Does the REG and the ECC makes it non-compatible with my motherboard? I thought it made the ram more reliable.

Thanks in advance.
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