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Hey, I was wondering, since I am an avid gamer I sometimes come across people that want to show their power in the world of 'networks'.

Lets say, I want to stop that from happening and want to protect my whole home network from getting attacked. I know that I can use a VPN but I don't want to for many reasons such as it is slowing my speeds down and it doesn't cover the whole network.

I was wondering if I could maybe buy a 'firewall' that I put or connect to my router. (I have fibre optic and I am on the BT ISP). If you can help or suggest something hardware wise that can prevent small DDOS attacks that doesn't break the bank.

Thanks, Tom :)


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There aren't really any DDOS protections for live traffic or home networks like that.

Look at the DNS attack that happened a few weeks ago - that was a DDOS attack against a DNS provider, and it took out several large websites due to a well-executed DDOS.

You'd have to contact your ISP if you think you're getting DDOS'd, and then they can attempt to mitigate at their backbone, and involve the authorities if necessary (it's illegal in the US, at least).
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