David Blane


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Who saw David Blane yesreday attempt to stay under water for a crazy 9 whole minutes. Hes been living in this circle for the last week, with an air supply,to prepare himself. One week in water can do waste to your hands and feet, just look on google, im sure you'll find it. He managed to stay under water for 7.8 seconds which is amazing, with out an air supply!! He might have thought he was a failure but def not, 7mins is amazing

Here is the glass thing he was in......



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Hmm i red that again, jsut to be a Pain, when you say, -Stay under water- You could mean with an air supplie, but just under water :)

god im bored, lol


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Yeah for 7 days he lived in that bubble with an air tube. Then he was chained with 150lbs of chains, and he tried to hold his breath for 9 minutes to get out of the chains, but he could only hold it for 7.

amazing if you ask me