data recovery help


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a relative of mine has been writing a book for about 2 years and for some reason unknown to me he put all his work on 1 file and with no backups. now his computer (its win2K but the OS is in simplified chinese) displays a error message with you cant get past, this is when you can see the desktop AND the vital file. now for some reason ive been given the job of recovering this file- he is in china and im going back there for a holiday tomorrow.

without seeing the error message ive made the assumption that his windows install is screwed up and here are my 2 solutions:

1. use a linux live CD(knoppix or ubuntu) to get the file onto a floppy, usb drive etc......
2. take the drive out of pc, put in another pc and just copy the file off

yes i know there are other ways like actually reading the error message etc.....but my chinese isnt great and i may not be able to fix it. anyone else got any suggestions/comments?




GetDataBack from You will have to recover the data to another hard drive or cd.