Dail up & speeding it up


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Does anyone know of any ways to speed up dail up free? Currenlty we are using dail up in between moves well its ungodly SLOW I MEAN UNGODLY. So if there are any suggestiosns to speed up dail up plz post, I put them in social louge cause to me its not really a techy question.


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well for downloads no, but for webpages, u can take the approach that many providers do and host a highspeed server, kind of as a proxy, Download the webpage, compress it, send it to u, decompress it and view it.



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Well, the truth is, your not going to get past 56k (Unless someone wants to correct me), but like Dested said, there is a compression feature, but the webpages will look a bit distorted.


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The best way I guess is to turn off any other P2P application while browsing. It gives you a real slow connection. Mr. F is right,you cant go beyond 56K.


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I understand that. Well I am usiong firefox with faster fox extenison which is doing some good things. But I don't mean DLing. Hell it took me 20 mins to dl the updated verison of firefox. Heh. But also I heard that it could be the time of day. Does provider matter. my dad said that if any one of you have any good suggestions for dail up providers, then just shot. We are curren;ty using the free verison of AOL. Which sucks balls majorly.