D-Link DI-704P Router Troubles

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I am setting a home network that will share a cable connection through the aformentioned router. I have a motorola SB4200 cable modem hooked into the wan port of the router. I am trying to access the web based configuration to set it up, but my troubles are far more than just that. In my XP machine, when I set my IP to be dynamically obtained, I should be assigned an IP by the router, but instead I get a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx address. When I set my static IP, the IP is correct. Either way, I cannot ping the router at all. The machine is connected to one of the 4 switched ports on the router. I tried hooking my linux box up, and could not get a dynamic IP either, or ping the router, HOWEVER I was able to bring up the front page of the web configuration but once I tried to get into the actual setup the connection died. This is extremely annoying. I have tried multiple web searches with no luck. Can anyone help???
Yes........but I have no way of knowing what it is blocking/letting through. Any other help people?
check the manual that the firewall could definately be the problem thats what happend to me i had to phone the company and get sum software.
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