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I've been reading similar posts yet none of the responses seem to help. I have the DLink 604+ ADSL Router installed and it does function well except: I have a Compaq ML570 Server, (OS= Windows 2003 Enterprise) which I'm attempting to have host a website and FTP site. I also have a minimum of four workstations on the internal LAN. All are able to connect and utilize the internet etc including RDP Terminal Services via the LAN or from any other client outside the router, thereby accessing the server from the internet. NONE are able to access the FTP or Website unless accessing from inside the local LAN. As I understand, the 604+ prohibits loopback. Sadly, this makes it very difficult to test websites and FTP sites on my server. Is there a work around this issue or am I stuck with this problem. I suppose I can live with it except that I can't understand why users are able to connect to the server with RDP Terminal Services but CANNOT connect to the website or FTP on my server from outside the LAN.

I have even set the DLINK 604+ to enable the DMZ, pointing to the SERVER.

Thanks very much!

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