Customizing a dell optiplex 780 mt


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HI all I came across a dell optiplex 780 mini tower last week for $50 with the q45 express chipset and the LGA 775 I'm kind of confused on How to do it. I found a page online that says that it can be done I think. With a mod or flash or something. But I was wanting to know if I could get a Xeon processor or an i7 or something with a bit more power that what's in it now. Thanks in advance

also I need ideas for case mods for the same computer and any other mods that I can do to it.

I allready own a really nice gaming pc but would be nice if I could do a little gaming o


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Sorry to break it to you, but the 780 is limited to 1 or 2 improvements. As for the case your SOL, its a BTX mobo so nothing new will work with it. For the CPU the best option is to check the manufacturer​ website to see compatibility​