Custom Built PC for sale! Black/Silver/Blue/UV colour scheme.


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Hey all :)

I have a PC which i need to sell! This is a custom built PC, and has been brilliant since day 1. Never crashes, very reliable, and very stable. Would make a perfect gaming machine, general use machine, or even a rock solid server.

Please visit the following links for a few pictures:

Here's a list of all the things that are included with this amazing machine:


[*] Coolermaster BXT-201 "Black Widow" Aluminium Case ('Mirror' black finish - nice!)

Cooled by:

> 2 x Coolermaster 80mm (Front)

> 1 x Coolermaster 80mm (Top)

> 1 x Sunbeam UV Cathode 80mm Fan (Exhaust/Rear)

> 1 x Coolermaster 40mm (Front (Mounted in fan controller))

[*] AMD AthlonXP-Mobile @ 2400Mhz 512k Cache (Overclockable to 2.5/6/7/8Ghz on air cooling)

Cooled by:

> Thermalright SP-97 Heatsink

> Thermaltake 80mm Smart Fan (Max 5000RPM)

[*] Abit NF7-S v2.0 Motherboard

Cooled by:

> Vantec ICEBERQ CCB-A1C Chipset Cooling Kit

[*] 1GB/1000MB GeiL Ultra PC3200 400Mhz DDR RAM (With mirrored silver heatsinks, very nice!)

[*] Sapphire ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (Overclocks to 9800XT Stock speeds and beyond!)

Cooled by:

> Zalman ZM-80D-HP Silent VGA Dual Heatpipe Cooler

> Thermaltake 80mm Smart Fan (Max 5000RPM) (Bottom)

> Zalman ZM-OP1 80mm Fan (Side)

> Zalman RAMSinks (Supplied with heatpipe cooler)

The rest of it:

[*] X-PRO 400W Silent Power Supply (Incl SATA power connectors)

Cooled by:

> 120mm Silent Blue LED Fan

[*] Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum

[*] 2 x Maxtor DM9 160GB S-ATA 7200RPM 8MB Cache

S-ATA Configuration:

> Configured in a Striped-RAID Array (360GB Total)

[*] 2 x Western Digital 80GB P-ATA 7200RPM (1 x 8MB Cache, 1 x 2MB Cache)

IDE Configuration:

> None at present - could be configured in a RAID Array to give a single 160GB in a striped IDE RAID

[*] 1 x Maxtor 200GB P-ATA 7200RPM 8MB Cache

Note: None of these drives contain any bad sectors or physical errors.

[*] 1 x Panasonic Black Floppy Disk Drive

[*] 1 x NEC 2500-A DVD-RW IDE Drive (4x8x32x)

[*] 1 x Coolermaster Musketeer Fan Controller/Temperature Monitor/Audio Signal Monitor (1 x Fan/Temp Monitor) (Black)

[*] 1 x Coolermaster Aerogate 2 Fan Controller/Temperature Monitor (4 x Fan/Temp Monitors) (Black)

[*] 1 x Sound Blaster Audigy Live!Drive I/O Panel (Black)

[*] 1 x Nexus/Vantec Controller (3 x Fan Controller/1 x Cathode Controller (Off/Sound Activated/On))

[*] 1 x Logitech Quickcam Express Webcam (See notes)

[*] 1 x Logitech Z-680 5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital Speaker Set (8" Subwoofer, 4 x Tweeters, 1 x Center Speaker, 1 x Control Center) (See notes)

[*] 1 x LG Electronics 17" TFT Display Panel 16ms 1280x1024 L1720B FLATRON (Black/Silver)

[*] 1 x Logitech MX700 Wireless/Rechargeable Optical Mouse (Black/Silver) (See notes)

[*] 1 x Logitech Special Edition Internet Navigator Keyboard (Black/Silver) (See notes)

[*] 1 x 12" UV Cathode (With UV Sensitive Mesh)

[*] 3 x 12" Blue Cathodes (1 With UV Sensitive Mesh)

[*] 1 x 4" UV Cathode (With UV Sensetive Mesh)

[*] 1 x Amber LED Laser Light (Attached to side panel)

[*] 1 x Dragon Window Etching

[*] 1 x Windowed Side Panel on the case

[*] 1 x 'Blade' Fan Guard on PSU Fan

[*] 2 x Neon Red Mesh sleeved Power Splitters with Blue UV Reactive Molex connectors

Other Specifications:

[*] 6 x USB2.0 Ports (2 on the front, 4 on the back)

[*] 2 x IEEE1394 Firewire Ports (Expandable to 4 - backplate included)

[*] Powered Headphone Socket on the front

[*] Digital Inputs/Outputs (Coaxial, Optical)

[*] Midi In/Out Ports

[*] Phono Auxilliary Inputs

[*] Volume Controlled Mic/Line in on the front

Other Items Included:

[*] AMD AthlonXP Sticker on the front of the case

[*] Sapphire 'Fueled by Sapphire' Sticker on the front of the case

[*] A CD containing all the very latest drivers for all the hardware supplied, including all the original driver CD's for the devices. Manuals and boxes can also be supplied if requested (if available).

[*] Lots of dust



The Logitech QuickCam Express is somewhat melted on the underside, as i left it on top of a light by accident. This Webcam still works perfectly fine though.

The Logitech Speakers are a little bit scratched here and there, but nothing too serious (control center is immaculate). The subwoofer is slightly torn on the edge (where the rubber is around the edge, still works fine), but i will replace it with a brand new 8" JBL Subwoofer (which is MUCH better than whats currently in it) before i send it out.

The mouse & keyboard are a little bit worn from general wear and tear, but are not damaged in any way.


If you'd like to see a picture of any particular item in this PC, then please request it here, and i'll upload it for everyone to see. I don't want to take pictures of everything because it will take forever, there's so much hardware!

I'm really not sure on a price for this, i can assure you it cost me well over £2000 to build, and this is one very nice machine. Not a single hardware problem or conflict in it, and has worked perfectly for me since the day i built it.

This machine is very quick, plays the majority of the latest games, even Half Life 2 at a pretty high detail setting.

No real damage to report, its all in fantastic condition, unless otherwise stated.

Any further details, please feel free to PM or e-mail me!

Looking for around £1,000, including free delivery in the local area (Leicestershire). Buyer to collect otherwise.

I'm also offering the tower on its own (including contents) for £700 (as an upgrade option). Same conditions as above.

Offers are welcome.

Cheers, thanks for looking.


I like that pc, what OS is it running!

Also dose the melted webcam and partirdge in a pear tree come with it :D


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Thanks for the reply :)

This PC is running Windows XP Professional. I can supply a copy of ANY operating system with this PC, and i will also provide a copy of Office XP 2003, but you'll need to 'find' your own keys to use ;)

Yes the webcam is included, and i might be able to get you a partridge, although there aren't any pear trees around here that i know of!