Current Price Inflated Graphics Cards

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Why are all the 5750's only like $10-20 cheaper than the 5770's?
When their MSRP was only supposed to be slightly over $100?
Besides a single Powercolor card, all the other 5750's are $145+
You can get 5770's in that price range...
What the heck???!?!?!??!?!?

Is it low demand?
What's going on?

Also, more price inflated cards.

The biggest disappointment in the 5XXX series...

Everyone expected this to retail at about the price range of the old 4670 to replace it, but noooooo...

When can we expect these prices to drop?
March 26th?
Nah, I doubt it.

I say things are looking grim, because Nvidia is going to release only two high end models... ATI can maintain their inflated prices at the low end and still own that market segment...
ATI or Nvidia...
I side with whoever doesn't overcharge...
And right now, it appears that isn't either of them.
So I don't think I'll purchase a GFX card anytime soon.
It's simply because there is no competition right now.

And for current generation cards, nvidia isn't overcharging as much as you think they are -- their cards are expensive to make.
ATI is just going to drop its prices when Fermi comes out. It will be hard not to get one.
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