Cruise Ships vs. Ocean Liners

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Today, we shall be comparing the modern cruise ship with the Edwardian ocean liner.

Yes, they ware intended for different markets. With the exception of the Queen Mary, ocean liners were designed to transport people from one country to another. Cruise ships are designed to provide a fun place to go during the holidays. But due to their similarities in construction, design, and evolution, I shall be comparing them together...


Modern cruise ships win on this one. Better lifeboat technologies, crew management, lifeboat drills, extensive planning, and watertight compartments ensure a modern cruise ship does not easily sink. SOLAS regulations have also ensured that modern cruise ships are safer than ever before.

6/10 Ocean liners
9/10 Cruise ships


The old ocean liners definitley win on this catagory. You would be lucky to get hand-crafted ornate mahoghany walls and an ultra-large smoking room on today's cruise ships. Also, modern cruise ships imitate the interior of a shopping mall. With tons of shops, takeaway venues, noisy people, and flurescent lights. Balconies are cheaper though, with the sacrifice in style. Meanwhile, ocean liners are mirrored on the warm, relaxing, and enjoyable lifestyles of yesteryear.

9/10 Ocean liners
7/10 Cruise ships


Once again, the ocean liners remain triumphant. The top-heavy look on today's modern cruise ships lag far behind the sleek, elegant lines of ocean liners. Modern cruise ships look like huge warehouses stacked onto each other, ocean liners look much better.

The interiors of ocean liners combine different styles from different periods, from medieval styles to then-considered modern styles. Passengers can choose which style of cabin they want, with a suitable price according to their option. The public areas fo the ship may be decorated in various styles depending on the ship-builder's preferences.

In short, modern ocean liners have bare walls and ugly exteriors. However, the design of modern ocean liners are also somewhat more practical. These may include easier access routes and shortcuts.

8/10 Ocean liners
5/10 Cruise ships


Hard to decide, a clear indication that they are both meant for diffferent markets. An ocean-liner would have more "luxurious" options, such as a smoking room, bar, cinema, grand dining room, indoor gymnasium, turkish baths, card room, library, and reading room. Cruise ships would have different options, focusing more on "fun" than "luxury". These would include Internet cafes, takeaway shops, a cinema, small cheap restraunts, bars, night clubs, and discos. In other words, cruise ships would appeal to those who like to do things fast and cheap. It all depends on your preferences.

7/10 Ocean liners
7/10 Cruise ships


Again, very similar. Most modern ocean liners have cabins which feature balconies. Many ocean liners do not feature balconies. All ships also offer window-accessible cabins at an extra cost. Modern cruise ships have smaller cabins, similar to the size of a second-class suite on the Titanic. In terms of aesthetic appeal, the cabins imitate that of third-class on the Titanic.

7/10 Ocean liners
8/10 Cruise ships


Depends on the passenger's preferences. Cruise ships offer quick cheap meals to satisfy today's fast-paced lifestyle. Think of McDonalds, ice cream venues, and small cafes. Ocean liners offer extensive courses of rich expensive meals, complete with live music and waiters. These can take up to three hours to finish. The dining rooms are huge grandoise rooms and are suitable for friendly socializing.

The dining rooms of modern cruise ships are small and efficient. Luxury is almost non-existent. There's no live music here, only the latest songs from the ship's stereo or radio are available for listening. That is, if you like that sort of stuff. But keep in mind that you can also get the same thing from a cheap takeaway shop in the middle of the sprawling city.

8/10 Ocean liners
7/10 Cruise ships


As I said a few paragraphs before, it all depends on your preferences. In short, ocean liners offer live music, natural lighting, and a rich formal atmosphere. Modern cruise ships offer cheap takeaway shops, stores, and artifical fluroescent lighting. If you're prefer an affordable, efficient, no-frills lifestyle then a cruise ship is the one for you. If you would rather prefer something more comfortable and relaxing, an ocean liner would be the better bet.

8/10 Ocean liners
7/10 Cruise ships

Other factors

For men, an ocean liner generally requires you to dress in appropriate formal-wear, such as a lounge suit. This may appeal to some people. However, this does not matter inside a cruise ship, as anything goes. Just don't turn up naked.

8/10 Ocean liners
8/10 Cruise ships

And totaled up, the scores are...

61/80 Ocean liners
58/10 Cruise ships

Gosh, that was closer than I expected!

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Hahah ive been on a Carnival cruise ship to the Bahamas when i was 15. I had the most fun EVER on that vacation that i could think of. It was one of their "oldest" ships too and man it was still awesome. The food, the drinks, the ppl, the fun. Man i couldnt drink but i still had a blast. On deck they had this huge chess board. Like where all the stairs conjoined to form this huge square was painted a chess board and they had these life like chess pieces. Me and my dad played as soon as we saw it and after a while i noticed how big of a crowd we had. I was like oohhhhhh crap and got nervous and lost. I almost had him beat though lol. Cruise ships are fun and i wanna go on another cruise sometime soon.


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I'm going on a cruise June 24-28. I'll let you know how accurate that is...


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lots of effort, but not 100% accurate. some generalizations are made about each that aren't completely true.

example, i went on a cruise ship but dinner in the upscale areas required formal wear. (of course you could eat at the buffet area in a t-shirt)

also, the cruise ship i went on offered TONS of natural lighting. there were almost no artificial lights on inside during the day (except the far interiors and stairways, where safety is a concern).

in addition, the rear dinner area was HUGE and had enormous chandeliers, live classical or jazz music, and top-notch serivce.

he claims cruise ships to be less frilly, but the one I went on was nothing BUT frills. glass sculptures everywhere, chandeliers, detailed wooden railings and fixtures inside and out, even an amazing (and kind of uppidy-looking) library/study.

Holland-America was the line I traveled on.

I give the post one thumb up for effort, but also one thumb down for lack of accuracy and use of over-generalizations


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mmm I went on a Princess Cruise in Alaska, so much food! Food there 24 hour buffet there. Free free all free!!!!
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