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Hello! We just started our website builder and we need your feedback on the landing page. Basically, our company's value is that we help people create a website by themselves using our web creator.

We already got our landing page down but for me, there seems to be something lacking. I think it might be the vectors (which seem a bit to playful instead of professional-looking).

Any advice or input you can give regarding layout, copy, graphics, etc.?

Website here:
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I'm not a marketing expert so I can't judge if the vectors make the website look less professional. All I can tell you is most tech companies use them (take a look at Microsoft or Norton, for example). However, it seems that this vector graphics usually follow a theme or have certain patterns. For example, in Microsoft's case, they are all blue and white, Norton's are all white, yellow and black. Maybe that's something to consider.

One thing, not about the site specifically, but here in the "More add-ons" section it says "... They are all included already, depending on your package." And this sounds a bit weird. Like, "look at all this candy, it's free, if you payed for it already." Maybe there is a better way to phrase that.

Other than what I mentioned, the site is easy to navigate and the information is short and to the point, so it's a good website overall.


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You are entering a market that is becoming very competitive, wordpress used to have dominance on page builers and diy drag and drop site but wix, squarespace and duda to mention a few are making massive strides and taking a piece of that pie. It part of the reason behind the release of gutenberg. Your site is as amd said easy to navigate, looks good.

Im not sure of your maketing strategy and I think amd has touched on a very simple element with the colours, the text content ect, there's no strong brand impression the hpage logo may as well not even be there.

No practical examples before a signup either. No examples of what your page builder looks like, you advertise angular ect ect but your market are not the type that will even know what that is. Question is can this make a great looking site with a easy interface ? you havent answered that question.
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