Creative DDL and DTS Connect Pack


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Sorry if this has been covered I looked and could not find anything that fit this description.

I recently bought the ddl and dts connect pack for my soundblaster x-fi sound card. It has installed properly on my computer and I have all updates installed to make it work. The trouble that I am having is that when I go into my entertainment console to switch to dts so that I can use my sound card optical ports instead of looping through my dts-610 module I get a message saying "your device is busy at the moment please stop all playback and proceed". I have nothing running and have no idea what could be running that could have caused this.

Is there anyone else who has experienced this issue? Is there a way to override this? I have tried re-download and install and still the same thing. After spending 3 hours trying to find a solution and not getting an answer from creative I feel lost and no where else to go. Thanks.