Creating copies of Win XP install disks

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I recently lost one of my home movies since the cd got corrupted. Now I am creating copies of all my important CDs.

The question is, if I create a copy of my Win XP Pro installation disk (a legal copy), will it work ? Or do I have to create it as some special disk ?

I have reinstalled my OS 3 times already ... don't know how long the disk will last. Problem is all the dust in my area, it scratches the surface.

Please help.

legal copies last longer than illegal ones. just take care of you installation discs. place it inside a cd jewel or sumthin, for you not sure,..havent really tried it
i say make 1,000 copys and sell them for money! LOL no just kidding...the would be illegal

You could try to make up a back-up copy, i dont know if it would work though!

Just put your XP disk in a case
It'll work. You just have to make a working ISO file of it. Then use Nero or Easy CD Creator to burn the ISO to a disc.
Thanks for your suggestions guys.

Overclocker16, can you let me know how to create this ISO file ?

And also what exactly is an ISO file ? I really am a virgin techie (or even lower) :eek:

dude overclocker is right in a sense but i have a better way. It is called clone cd. It is the best way to make back ups of legal cds. They are such perfect copies that you don't even need a no cd crack for games. Of course it isn't free but it is worth the cost.
There is a way in Nero to make ISO files.

ISO is an image file. Just like taking it from the CD to the computer and burn it onto other CD's. Only problem, sometimes the copyright code kills the app so your screwed with a coaster from a CD.

But if you can do it right then it will work. Clone CD does the exact same thing, only it doesn't store it on the computer, it just puts it on temp. as far as I know, then it burns it to a CD.

Just pointing out a fact (I don't do it) but if you search Kazza or anything, a lot of apps on there are ISO files and people don't realize it because the people put something else.

Turning something to an ISO is simple, just I don't want to type it out.
Thanks for the input.

It seems possible, but you guys are making it sound like a really black thing :eek:

Since I want to stay on the right side of the law at all costs :rolleyes: , I have decided to take extra care of my legal disk. Seems like the best option for now.

However, have filed away your suggestions, and at the first sign of any problems, I am crossing over to the other side :D

Cheers once again !
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